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Valuations play an important role in various aspects. It is imperative that your fixed property and your movable assets be accurately determined in order to prevent you from losing money.

We will accurately determine the fair market value of any property, whether you are buying, selling, letting or attending to a deceased estate or a divorce settlement.

Should your short-term insurance policy be due for renewal and you need to establish the true sum insured for your building and your movables, a professional replacement cost valuation is the perfect option to saving you time and money.

With our valuations you will be able to contest your municipal rates and confidently sell or let your property, or simply have peace of mind of not being under insured.

Should you need your immovable property, plant and machinery, coins(South African coins only) or movable assets valued, please contact us on 016 976 1287 or send an email to admin@vaalvaluations.co.za

We also offer a quick, fast and painless valuation known as a Desktop Valuation. This valuation will take up to 48 hours to complete and is not that costly. Interested? Follow this link.





*Website updated: 2 January 2018

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