Do you need your valuation as soon as yesterday?

We also offer a quick, fast and painless valuation known as a Desktop Valuation.

This valuation will take up to 48 hours to complete and is not that costly.

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Desktop Valuations

What is a Desktop Valuation?

A desktop valuation is a property valuation service applying mathematical modeling in combination with a database and calculating a property's value by analyzing historical price movements of comparable properties.


* This report will be completed a lot quicker than a normal valuation.

* It is affordable.

* It is easy to complete and online.


* Doesn't take into account a property’s actual condition. (renovations, state of repairs, ect)

* In certain areas there are few comparable properties and little historical data available.

* This report is unsuitable for replacement cost valuations as these require a physical inspection.

Please note that your 48 hours start after we received a proof of payment for the amount of R350.00 and have all the detail we need to complete the valuation.

The proof of payment with your contact details can be send to

Banking Details:

Standard Bank

Acc: 202 334 406

Branch: 055 936

Cheque account

Refference: Name & Surname

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