Why should you undertake an Asset Valuation?

In today's economy and with corporate governance, there is a constant need for companies, body corporates and private individuals to have their properties and / or movable assets professionally valued. Our fully motivated reports will assist a company in determining the underlying value of their assets for a range of purposes.

Jaco Terblanche is a professional associated valuer without restrictions, registered under the South African Council for the Property Valuers Profession (SACPVP), and therefore undertake valuations for a wide variety of purposes and a range of properties.

What does a valuation cost?


Everyone love surprises, but nobody wants to be surprised when you have to pay. Many valuations firms want to know the value of the property, before they are able to quote. But isn't that why you want to hire a valuer in the first place?


My costs for a valuation varies depending on the type of property and it's location. I will provide a free no obligation quotation in which I will outline the fee for undertaking the valuation. Please send an e-mail to jaco@vaalvaluations.co.za or SMS quote to 084 589 9723.


What is the difference between South African Council for the Property Valuers Profession and

South African Institute of Valuers?


The Institute is a voluntary association to which any suitably qualified person can belong and its objectives are centered around the interests of its members.


The Council is a statutory body dealing with the compulsory registration of persons wishing to practice in the property valuer's profession and its powers include taking any steps it considers necessary for the protection of the public in their dealings with persons so registered, and for the maintenance of the integrity, and the enhancement of the status of the property valuer's profession.


”Your Asset.... Our Expertise”

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